Digestion is the last thing you want to think about — not the first.

I help those who struggle with digestion and just don’t feel like themselves anymore. They want a holistic approach with a practitioner who will really listen, do the digging and find solutions tailored to their needs. Together we get to the root of the problem, find answers and get them feeling normal again.

Big Picture

Everything is connected. Every symptom, every challenge is relevant. Nothing is discounted.


Together we build a plan that is sustainable in your life to unload your body of its stressors and allow it space to heal.

Find What Works

You learn what truly strengthens your body, what doesn’t and how to determine the difference.

There is so much information about things that are “healthy” and “natural” but so little help in personalizing this information to my own well-being.  Kristi has been a godsend, matching needs, symptoms, and struggles against real-life, real-time, big-picture solutions.

Jody Skinner