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This week started strong, I was feeling great, happy and loads of energy.  But, then I started to get some low blood sugar moments, dizzy spells, I was low on energy and was feeling sleepy.   It left me frustrated.  Was this too low-carb for me?  What happened?  Is this something I just ‘can’t’ do?

I had to do some soul-digging and take a moment to problem solve this, but that was the point.  Yes, a big part of this is about giving your body a reset by removing all sugar sources.  But, another big part of it is learning just what fuels YOU!  What do you need?  Doing the 21 DSD is like going into an intense counseling session with you and your body and, quite literally, removing the garbage and then sitting there eye to eye with yourself and figuring out exactly what you need to fuel you.  It is literally about getting back to the basics and truly learning what you need.  Going through the detox may give you some ups and downs, but that is a-ok.  When I hit those lows, I went out, bought some sweet potatoes and roasted them (with plenty of coconut oil and sea salt).  Happily.  For me, learning that I am going to NEED a sweet potato every now and again is quite a happy revelation.  I like my sweet potatoes.

I am learning that yes, indeed, I do need some starches. I am certain we all do.  But how many and how often are the questions. Maybe what I thought were ‘light’ workouts were more moderate, or just running after two little ones all day, is enough to warrant some starches.  Great!  This has been a great way to check in with myself and figure out my current fuel needs.  This cleanse is doing exactly what it should be doing.  Teaching me about, me.

Heading into week 3, I have my energy back and I am feeling like we are heading into ‘cruise control’.  But, I’ll take it day by day.  I am not hungry through the day and I am still enjoying the food (as is the rest of the family).  I am loving the increased veggie intake and still surprised at how well my kids are too.  Oh and did I mention, sleep?  (When the kids let me, that is.)  I am sleeping like a rock.  Very deep, very restful, it has been fantastic.  Real food wins again!



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