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Apple and coconut butter

October is officially here and we have certainly moved into the busy-ness of the school year, yes?  While you are trying to drive here, there and everywhere, it is still important (if not, more important) to keep yourself well nourished.  Today, I have 5 easy snack ideas for you:

  • 1.  Apple, Coconut Butter and Cinnamon

This is just a twist on an old favorite, I am sure you have all had an apple and peanut butter or almond butter, but have you tried coconut butter yet?  Divine.  Add a little cinnamon and now it is a deluxe treat for your afternoon and every last bit of it is real, whole and awesome.

2.  Avocado, Lime, Sea Salt and Cayenne Pepper

Another twist for you, I was introduced to this lovely flavor combination last year and haven’t gone back to the plain avocado, lemon and sea salt since.  (Although, that is tasty too if you haven’t tried it.)   This is a fantastic little pick-me-up for your mid-afternoon.

  • 3. Homemade Popcorn, Sea Salt, Kelp Flakes and Butter

This does take a little bit of preparing, but is easily made ahead and packed to go.  For those afternoons where you just want some salt, butter and a little crunch, you know?  Add in those kelp flakes with the sea salt for a little extra mineral recharge, not to mention the all-important butter to help you absorb those minerals and sustain you till dinner

4.  Trail Mix

On the weekend, take some time to soak and slow roast your nuts for better digestibility.  Once complete, throw together your preferred mix and store in a big jar to make it easy to grab and go through the week.  Some current favorites in our house include pecans, walnuts, cashews, coconut flakes, banana chips and raisins.

  • 5.  Seaweed

I know this sounds nuts, but this has become oddly addicting for me.  Maybe it is my incessant need for more minerals.  I love to have a few bites of dulse these days and honestly, that’s all I need and I am good.  If dulse isn’t your thing, try SeaSnax.  You might be surprised!





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