You’re a strong, motivated woman. You have so many gifts to offer the world.

But, some days, all you can think about is the gas and bloat and you don’t want to leave the house.

Your digestion consumes you. You can’t predict how the day will go. You can’t even get off the couch some days.

Even still, you are determined to get to the bottom of your digestive issues and resolve them. You are ready to nourish yourself mind, body and soul to finally heal and get back to the life you dream of.

Hi, I’m Kristi Perry Brown and I am so happy you are here.

I am a functional and holistic nutrition practitioner and I believe food is one of the greatest tools we have to promote healing.

I help women and kids who struggle with digestion and just don’t feel like themselves anymore.

They want a holistic approach to heal with a practitioner who will really listen, do the digging and find solutions tailored to their needs.

Together we get to the root of the problem, find answers and get them feeling normal again.

Food Is Not The Enemy:

I’ve always had an interest in nutrition, but was very much a child of the 80’s and 90’s and learned first to fear food. Food was something to use as punishment, certainly not nourishment. In what started as a simple avoidance of eating sugar in my early teens turned into full-blown Anorexia by the time I graduated college.

My healing journey from Anorexia gave me my first taste into the body’s inner wisdom and innate ability to find balance and heal. In the year following my diagnosis I finally began to trust my own body’s signals rather than just override them. For the first time, food became a partner in my health. I learned to value cravings as my body’s way of asking for certain nutrients, not just ways to derail me. I even began to like food again.

A powerful lesson, and I’d like to say I had it all figured out after that. But it still took me years to really learn to listen to what my body has to say.


The Struggle with Unexplained Symptoms

As life moved on, so did I. I started a career, then another, got married, had a baby and got into a routine of being a devoted mom.

Most of my life I considered myself pretty healthy and rarely got sick. I exercised regularly, even became a Pilates instructor and thought I ate fairly healthy foods. I loved to cook. But, through all these years, there were these annoying symptoms that just kept stacking up.

At first it was just low energy and some hormone issues I covered with birth control pills. Next were the ‘low-moods’ and subsequent anti-depressants. Then it was some digestive issues I learned to ‘manage’. I had extreme light-headedness in the morning, so much so that I would sit on the floor of the kitchen while I prepped breakfast. But, all this time, I thought it was just me.

Then I was getting bronchitis and laryngitis yearly, if not multiple times. My chronic acne became cystic and horrible. And finally, what seemed to happen overnight, extreme insomnia and panic attacks.

My Turning Point Hit One Fall Day in 2010.

I had an allergic reaction to some almonds I ate. I had never had an allergic reaction of any kind before. My husband was deployed and my then almost two-year-old daughter was sitting in the back seat of my car while the nurse on call told me I had 10 minutes to get to some Benadryl before my throat completely closed.

A few days later I went in for a follow-up appointment with my primary care manager after the allergic reaction. I walked out with new prescriptions for anti-depressants and anti-anxiety meds.

I was falling apart and I had no explanation as to why. I didn’t want to cover or manage any of the symptoms anymore. By some serious serendipity, I had just enrolled in my nutritional therapy training. I suddenly knew I had to dive into this training with a focus on healing me.

The Journey to Finally Heal

Layer by layer, piece by piece I had to rebuild, one meal at a time. This was about really healing my relationship with food, and really digging into my story and how I got here in the first place.

I was able to eliminate many symptoms with shifts in diet alone and a focus on better self-care. But, when I got stuck and was tired of guessing, I went back for more training to do functional lab testing. Getting really clear on what was going on with my digestive system, what foods were trigger foods and seeing what my hormones were really doing gave me direction in how to take those next steps and really get my health up to the level I hoped for. Now, I feel strong, healthy, stable and back in control of my life.

My Belief and Mission

My journey led me back to a childhood belief and desire. I have always wanted to help others achieve the health they wish for. And, I’ve always thought food was a piece of the puzzle. Now I think I finally understand what the little girl in me knew so long ago. Food is the foundation to better health and your body can heal when given the right tools.

I believe you can have the health and energy you wish for too.


Have you found yourself in a place where symptoms just seem to be stacking up and spiraling out of control?  Are you ready to put a stop to it all and get your life back on track? You’re in the right place. This is a place where we come together to get to the root of the problem, find answers and get you feeling normal again.


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I look forward to supporting you on your journey. You don’t have to live your life stuck in a spiral of symptoms and exhausted! You can have more energy and live the life you hoped for.


Kristi ~


2000 – BA in Psychology and Dance, Randolph-Macon Woman’s College

2011 – Nutritional Therapy Association

2014 – Restorative Wellness Solutions (Lab Privileges)

2015 – Functional Blood Chemistry

2016 – Digestive Intensive