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It’s been quite a while since I’ve written. I hoped to be all on top of things and have a steady stream of blogs for you. I wanted to make it look like nothing was happening under the surface. But, reality crept in.


As many of you know, we moved from Alaska to New York this summer and took a 3-week road trip along the way. Since arriving in New York, it’s been quite the adjustment. So much to adapt to, so many projects to do in all aspects of life and at times it has most certainly been overwhelming.


With the move-in, I found myself completely enveloped in the unpacking and projects to finish the house. (Surprise! House wasn’t exactly complete when we moved in.) Somewhere along the way I realized I was doing nothing to take care of me. Zip, zilch, nada. Not surprisingly, I was feeling kinda crappy because of it. This idea that if I ‘just focus 100% on getting the house done for two weeks, turned into three weeks, then four, then…you get the idea.


That whole concept of if you don’t schedule in time for you, it’s never going to happen hit home pretty hard. I found myself staying in bed far later than I ever have and struggling to get motivated to do much of anything.


I knew I needed to clean up my act in more ways than one, but I was in no position to do a big 21-day cleanse or commit to a 5:30am workout everyday. Instead, I needed to just find small moments in the day to nourish myself mind, body and soul.


Here are three simple things I found to get myself back on track that don’t take a lot of time, effort or commitment.


  • Get outside.

First thing in the morning, I head out the door to sit on my front porch and listen to the birds. I just take a few moments to sit and try not to think about my to do list but instead focus on the sounds I hear and even try to spot a squirrel jumping from tree to tree. This is about slowing down my brain for just a few moments first thing to remind myself to stay present through the day.


  • Make a cup of tea.

Another ritual in the name of slowing down, making a cup of tea. I love to use herbs that specifically nourish me and provide qualities to help me stay centered through the day. My favorites lately are chamomile or nettle tea and I add in a big scoop of gelatin. Gelatin (this one is my favorite) provides easy to absorb amino acids (protein) supporting my blood sugar levels as well as nourishing my joints, hair, skin and nails. And who doesn’t want that? (As a side note, my nails became really brittle over the summer during our travels. Just a couple of weeks with regular use of the gelatin and my nails are strong and growing – almost annoyingly – fast.)


  • Stretch

Some mornings this looks really basic, other mornings I take a little more time. At a minimum I’ll do a breathing series using the foam roller and some arm stretches. When I have more time, I love using the Melt Method (a method to hydrate and gently stretch your fascia) specifically to keep my feet happy and my hands, wrists and shoulders happy.


My hope was that if I started with the smallest of steps the benefits would soon be noted and I would be motivated to start doing more self-care again. And, it worked!


I know it can often feel insurmountable to get back on the train and start taking care of you again, but those little changes really do add up and lead to bigger and bigger changes.


I would love to hear from you, what are some of the small habits or moments you have through the day to take care of you?

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