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Some of you may know my love of this mineral, one that I call the “Stress-Less” Mineral. I don’t know a person who doesn’t need this mineral, particularly around the holidays.


Magnesium is involved in over 300 functions in the body, so rather than asking what does magnesium do for you, you might better ask, what doesn’t it do? But when it comes to the holidays there are three main things it can do for you:




We might be in the sugar season. For every molecule of glucose in the body you need 28 molecules of magnesium. Twenty-eight! I just spelled it out to make sure you got that. That’s a lot of magnesium for one little molecule of glucose. So load up!


            Muscle Relaxant 


When we are deficient in magnesium, we will have more muscle cramps. Period. This can look like back pain, neck pain, foot and leg cramps, headaches, migraines and even high blood pressure.


            Sanity Checker 


Serotonin, the feel-good neurotransmitter, depends on magnesium for its production and function. If we are deficient in magnesium, it can easily lead to anxiety or depression. In addition to anxiety and depression it can lead to other symptoms such as eye-twitches, insomnia, apathy, apprehension, poor memory, hyperemotionality, confusion, anger, nervousness and rapid pulse.


            Bonus: Allergic Reactions 


A deficiency in magnesium will stimulate more histamine to be released leading a person to be more prone to allergies that can look like asthma, eczema or hay fever.


Magnesium is burned through during times of stress. Our body may be able to rebalance other minerals such as potassium and calcium that also get used during times of stress, but magnesium takes much longer to rebuild in the body. Here are three ways to get more magnesium IN:


  • Eat Chocolate.

You are welcome. There aren’t many foods that have a whole lot of magnesium in them, and with today’s soil being increasingly depleted it is only getting harder. But, dark chocolate is a decent source. So, indulge in a high-quality square a day and ENJOY. (In my house this chocolate belongs to MOMMY. Thankyouverymuch.)


  • Take a supplement.

My favorite (and has been for a long time) is Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT. You take two in the AM and two in the PM. With the Slow Release Technique it gives you a steady stream of magnesium all day and night. Who doesn’t want a steady stream of calm day and night?


I hear all the time that people take their magnesium in a multi-vitamin or as a Cal-Mag supplement and think that all is good. The truth is: this RARELY works. Most people need more magnesium than these options provide and when combined with a whole bunch of other nutrients (particularly calcium), it is rarely in the right balance for YOU.


  • Put it on Your Skin

There are sprays, lotions and even bath salts with magnesium that you can apply directly to your skin for quick absorption. For many this is actually the best way to absorb your magnesium because you don’t have to go through the digestive system. Your skin absorbs magnesium beautifully and this can have pretty rapid results. Sore back? Spray on the magnesium. Cramping calf? Spray on magnesium.



Are you taking magnesium? What kind do you take and like? If not, try one of these options out and let me know how it goes for you. I’d love to hear about it!

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