There is so much information about things that are “healthy” and “natural” but so little help in personalizing this information to my own well-being. Kristi has been a godsend, matching needs, symptoms, and struggles against real-life, real-time, big-picture solutions.

Jody Skinner

When I first thought about working Kristi, my assumption was that she would be fine tuning my eating habits. My sense was that I ate pretty “clean.” Even though I felt that I needed sugar after lunch and dinner. And I defaulted to fast food around once a week. I also experienced a tightness or bloating in my stomach after meals frequently. But I thought that was normal.

I was wrong.

Today, my digestive system is nearly healed. I enjoy meals. I have confidence about what foods work for me, and I know how to eliminate my sugar cravings (still a work in progress).

I was drawn to work with Kristi because of who she is: professional, encouraging, accepting, and knowledgeable. We started the process of transformation with evidence gathering. I took a long, but very thorough look at my eating and health habits. I never felt that it was confessional in nature to share with her, nor did I worry that the information would be used to shame or punish me. That kind of trust made it safe for me to be completely honest with myself and Kristi.

We then started a reset eating plan and I kept close tabs on how I felt and what was working or what challenged me. During this phase, Kristi responded to my questions, requests for recipes, and overall, she was a fabulous, helpful cheerleader.

When we met for our private sessions, she would listen to how my journey was going and then she would share briefly some helpful, nutritional information to support my ongoing progress. I read a lot about food and consider myself informed about nutrition. So, I was surprised when I found that 90% of what she shared with me was brand new and VITAL to my health.

As I wrapped up my time with her and took the ending assessment (on how I was feeling), I was so pleased that the hard work paid off. I am, as I said, more in control of my diet and health, and I feel I know what will keep me on track.

I highly recommend working with Kristi Brown. She is the perfect partner to collaborate with as you invest in your future, healthy self. ”  –Janet Steinhauser, Eagle River, AK


Janet Steinhauser

Kristi changed my life!  As a person suffering from significant digestive complications secondary to a gall bladder extraction (reducing fat digestion), I cannot tell you how important and impactful my consult with Kristi Perry Brown went for me.  I spoke to a number of doctors and hospital-based nutritionists to no avail.  Kristi introduced not only an excellent nutrition plan and healthier food preparation techniques, but also introduced a dietary supplement that absolutely ‘changed my life.’  I am now able to eat and efficiently process fatty foods, if I so choose to have the occasional Ribeye – thank goodness!  And I have a new appreciation for nutrition and dietary plans that actually work.  You would be fortunate to have Kristi in your corner!!

Dr. Grady Garner-Osten

I am so much more aware of my body and health. Making better food decisions has become a habit. My concerns and goals were definitely addressed. She helped me focus on my health and not just weight loss. I even gained mental focus/stress relief and that was not something I expected through nutritional therapy.”

Hanna Manifold

Kristi has helped me and my family in so many ways–emotionally and physically. One amazing thing is that my HDL was low in my early thirties, and I thought I was just going to have to accept that. After only about a year of eating better with Kristi’s help, my HDL level has gone up–something my primary care physician was difficult to achieve. The other amazing thing was that we were able to curb my infant son’s stomach pain and eczema with Kristi’s nutritional guidance. He is a much happier little boy and I feel better as a mom knowing that I made good choices for him.

Liz Jackson