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I really kinda love Thanksgiving. It’s all about food, family and just hanging out. What’s not to love? Well, maybe the bloat, the gas and the food coma?!


Recently I created a cheat sheet for some of my favorite food combining tips that help banish gas, bloat and that general discomfort from eating foods that just don’t mix. (Grab it here!) But, traditionally, Thanksgiving breaks ALL the food combining rules which is precisely why so many of us feel down-right stuffed and ucky post-meal. What if we tried having Thanksgiving following the food combining rules? What would that look like?


Start your day with a glass of warm lemon water.

Lemon water helps to get many of your digestive organs primed for the day to include your stomach, liver and gallbladder. Let’s start the day giving them a little love. They’ve got a lot of work ahead of them.


Breakfast: Eat Dessert First.

Enjoy pumpkin pie or the fruit crisp in the morning. Sugars and fruits break down quickly and just don’t mix well following a heavy meal. Why not just start the day with dessert? We have all wanted to eat dessert first, and it’s a holiday. Let’s just go for it. Your NTP just said it’s ok.


Get outside for a walk.

Get your metabolism moving, get some fresh air, and take some time to soak in this lovely day. Our body digests food best when it is calm and relaxed. Set the tone for your day with a hike or meander around your neighborhood.


Lunch: Carb Load 

Did I just say that?! You can still have your potatoes or sweet potatoes and/or even the stuffing. Just have it away from the turkey. Starchy carbs and flesh-protein equal a gut bomb waitng to happen. Plus a major food coma. Choose one or two of your favorite Thanksgiving carb dishes such as sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes a yummy grain-free stuffing or some biscuits. Be sure to include some healthy fats such as butter from pasture-raised cows, coconut milk or gravy from the turkey to help slow down the blood sugar spike and give you more lasting energy – and no coma.


Laugh, talk and just hang out – no phones required.

 My favorite part of Thanksgiving is when EVERYONE is in the kitchen. It’s a little insane, but it is so much fun, right? You are usually laughing and talking and just enjoying the process of getting the final meal ready. It can be stressful in trying to time everything perfectly, but what’s perfect anyway? Keep laughing and staying in that relaxed place to support digestion for the main event.


Dinner: Turkey, Salad and Veggies

Woohoo – it’s Turkey Time! Before you dive into this final meal, take a few moments to take 5 deep breaths. Take these deep breaths during Grace or by just taking a moment of Gratitude – it is Thanksgiving after all. Breathing into your diaphragm helps to open the esophagus and allows food to pass through easier it also helps send a signal to your brain telling it you are relaxed and ready to accept food.


Enjoy your turkey with some gravy and your favorite roasted veggies; we love brussel sprouts! Finish the meal with a green salad that incorporates some grated beets to help support fat digestion and a bite or two of some probiotic rich foods. The raw and cultured veggies will give you some added enzymes to help break down the meal you just ate and soothe the tummy. Win-win.


Finale: A Cup of Ginger Tea

End your evening with a cup of Ginger Tea and a big scoop of collagen mixed in. Ginger is a lovely digestive aid and is very soothing to your stomach. Adding in the extra bit of collagen also supports your digestive system and gives you a boost of easy-to-absorb proteins to help balance your blood sugar and bonus! It will help you sleep through the night.



Now tell me, how did your belly feel at the end of this day? You can still have your favorites AND avoid the gut-bomb. This is totally having your cake and eating it too.


And if you want that cheat sheet to download, print and hang in your kitchen (I know you do!) grab it here!


Happy Thanksgiving!


*Inspired by my first nutrition instructor’s recommendations for Thanksgiving. 🙂 

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