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Can I share a little story here? Long ago I set up google analytics on my website. I was told it would be a good idea and I would be happy about it later. So, I set it up and then completely forgot about it. For….years. 


Anyways, I do like some good data and finally did start figuring it out. It was super fun to see just what is actually being read. And I’ll tell you what, I was shocked as all get out about which post ranked at the top for 2017. 


Here are the top 5 posts for 2017, plus one runner up for good measure.



Runner Up: The Quest for Clean Skincare

My skin has been such a journey for me, and one day maybe I’ll get the courage to share a BEFORE picture. But it was incredibly motivating to make changes in my life. Having cystic acne in my 30’s forced me to look at what was in my skincare products and realize that not everything is as safe as it seems. 


5. 3 Tools to Drink More Water

Straight up practical tips to get more water in. This is definitely a big focus of mine this month as we kick off the New Year.


4. Goat Milk Baby


This one pulls at my heart strings. What I wouldn’t give to go back in time and talk to me. This not-so-little guy will be turning 6 this month!

3. Spring Cleanse – Do This First

Are you doing a cleanse right now? Considering one for the spring already? Cleanse or no cleanse, this really is a must read.

2. Eat More of This to Eat Less Sugar


This is such a simple strategy to help you beat the sugar cravings.

1. No Pill Could Fix This.


This one surprised me. I believe this with my whole heart and I am thrilled it resonated with so many and got as many shares and eyes on it as it did. Thank you. <3

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