You Just Want to Feel Better.

You are a smart woman. You know digestion is important and yours isn’t where it should be.

You’re tired of just living with it, tired of the embarrassment of your digestive symptoms and frustrated with not knowing how each day is going to go.

You’re ready to make changes and want to learn more about how you can really heal your body with food.


Does This Sound Familiar?

You’ve tried eliminating some foods, but you can’t really tell which ones are trigger foods and which ones aren’t.

You struggle with unexplained symptoms beyond just the digestion, and it seems you are getting more of them, not less.

You’ve been trying to research and figure it out on your own, but you’re starting to feel like you’re just moving around in circles and not getting anywhere.

You know something needs to change. You know there must be a better way. You want to know why your digestion is off and you want to legitimately figure out how to fix it.

But you don’t want to have an endless game of trial and error. You need to feel confident that if you are going to invest your time and energy, those next steps are going to work. You need someone to help you see the big picture and give you a clear order of next steps.


What if…

  • You knew exactly what foods to eat to help you heal and have energy to get through the day.
  • You didn’t have to worry about the bloat or the need to stay near a restroom.
  • You had confidence that you were doing exactly what you need to be doing to heal your body and get back to doing what you love to do.

You can heal your digestion and feel like a normal person again. With the Digestion Reset, we can get you back on your feet and doing what you love.


In the Digestion Reset:

  • You’ll finally have a clear picture as to why you are struggling with digestion, what to focus on to start healing and a clear plan of action to make it happen.
  • You’ll get simple solutions that work in your life, right now, to get you back to feeling normal again.
  • You’ll get a holistic nutrition practitioner who will really listen to your story and help you understand what’s going on so you can finally start to heal.

The Digestion Reset Includes:

  • Nutrition Assessment: A simple assessment of all your current symptoms and your health history. This tool provides invaluable information to find where your body is struggling the most and helps us design a clear plan of action to support it and allow it to begin healing.


  • Digestion Reset Strategy Session: In our 60-minute phone or Skype session, we will talk through your biggest challenges, and I’ll help you understand how and why they are impacting you. You’ll finally be able to see, in black and white, what your biggest obstacles are. Then, together, we will come up with a tailor-made plan of action that works in your life right now. Don’t worry. This won’t overwhelm you with a major overhaul.


  • Digestion Action Plan: Within 24 hours of our call, you’ll receive your detailed plan of action along with resources just for you to help make implementing your next steps as easy as possible into your life right now.


  • Digestion Check-in: A little accountability can go a long way! In this 30-minute follow-up call, we’ll talk through how you are feeling and how you did on implementing your action steps. We’ll also check in to discuss any roadblocks that may have popped up and if any new symptoms came up. Most importantly, we’ll talk through how to keep moving forward.


You don’t have to struggle endlessly.


In the Digestion Reset, I help you figure out what your triggers are and what to do about them so you can heal and get back to the life you love. You’ll get a clear plan of action to rebuild your digestion and the resources to make it happen. You will find normal again.


Ready to get started? Here’s how:

Investment: $97

  1. Click the “Let’s Get Started” button to submit your payment.
  2. Within 24 hours of making your payment, you’ll receive an email from me with your instructions on how to get started.
  3. You’ll work through the Nutrition Assessment, giving me the straight-up, honest story of what is going on for you right now. (Don’t worry. There is NO judgment here. Just lay it out there so I know how to best support you!)
  4. Once the Nutrition Assessment is completed, we’ll have your session and have you on your way to finding relief.

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Today, my digestive system is nearly healed. I enjoy meals. I have confidence about what foods work for me, and I know how to eliminate my sugar cravings (still a work in progress).

Janet Steinhauser

My digestive complaints were gone in 3 days! I could hardly believe it.

And my energy is better. I didn’t realize how much my digestion was dragging me down.

Cindy Lea