One piece of chocolate or just a few potato chips is all it took. It was one day that turned into two, then three, then three weeks went by and this was still a daily habit and now it’s been…well. Uh-oh.

You don’t want to really think about how much sugar and junk has crept into your diet. You have hit your wall and you need (want) a reset. BUT, you don’t want to do it alone.

A full reset in 5 weeks. Ditch the sugar. Ditch the processed food. Find out just how good you can feel without all the crud. Don’t believe it? That’s ok. Better to be skeptical, but open to the process and pleasantly surprised at the end.

“I have no idea what ‘diet’ to do at this point. I have tried everything.”

This class is designed to help you learn what DOES work for you. For Real.

The Restart Program is a five-week program with a 3-week sugar cleanse built in. The first week is all about preparation. Everyone leaves with the protocol, the ‘yes’ food list and probably some notion of a pantry clean-out that weekend.

When we meet for our second session, we are all on Day 1 of the Restart Protocol.

In each of our meetings, we talk through our challenges and celebrate our successes. But, we also go deeper. We discuss major topics pertaining to the process to help you better understand the why. We discuss digestion, blood sugar handling and fats. The best part is that you are feeling how these different components are impacting you and shifting for the better. The theoretical, suddenly becomes reality.

Every other diet plan I have done, I have gained all the weight back and then some afterwards.”

In this class you will learn to read your signals again. Your tastebuds will change, your perspective toward food will change and you will start learning what really makes you feel the best and be motivated to keep feeling good.

This program is powerful. It goes faster than you think it will and might just surprise you with what is possible through food.

“I don’t want to be eating cardboard for 3 weeks.”

You won’t be eating cardboard. In fact, the food is so fresh and real, it tastes fantastic. This process is as much about enjoying the food as it is about cleaning up the diet.

Who is the Restart Program for:

The Restart is for those wanting to incorporate new habits to promote greater energy and vitality through real food. It is for those open to challenging the status quo to find out just what real food can do.

“I have all this digestive stuff going on. Bloating, cramping, maybe some TMI stuff, I don’t want to do anything that will throw me off any more.”

This protocol is designed to promote healing and will start you on the path to recovery to reset your digestive system.


If you are currently pregnant or nursing, you CAN successfully do this protocol with modifications for you and your growing baby. Let me know and I will provide you an additional set of guidelines on the first day we meet as a class.

Who this is not for:

  • This protocol does not work well for vegans. While working to reset the blood sugar handling process, more protein is necessary as a re-balancer and vegetable proteins do not seem to work as effectively in this protocol. If you are willing to eat eggs and dairy at a minimum (adding in fish is even better) then this may be an option.


  • Someone who hates cooking or has zero control over what you eat for most meals. This protocol is about implementing a new eating plan, experimenting with new foods and likely doing more cooking than previously done. This is a completely real-food based protocol and requires kitchen-time. If cooking is completely not your thing, that’s ok, but this isn’t the protocol for you. (It does get easier, but anytime you start something new, there is more work at first.)


  • Someone training for a high-endurance event in the next 1-2 months. If you are heading into a competitive event that requires high-endurance within the next 60 days, wait until after the event to try this protocol.

If you do nothing else for your health, do this [Restart]. If you don’t believe in the power of food, do this challenge. If you want to feel better, more alive, more happy, more purposeful – allow your body the space and time it needs to heal you from the inside out. This is the way to living your best life.” 

Mindi Vogel

The Restart program made me more aware of what I was eating and taught me how to better balance my meals without the sugars. I had been trying to lose weight for months and this was a great starting place to not just lose weight (which I did) but to change habits for the better

Robin Powell

I’ve lost 7.4 inches in one month and I attribute a large portion of that to the sugar detox and sugar’s inflammatory process.

Michaela Canterbury

3 weeks sounds like a long time. How will I go without my favorite [fill in the blank food] for 3 weeks?!”

Having the group environment is gold for accountability. You aren’t alone, each week we will talk through everyone’s challenges and successes and trouble-shoot how to work through them.

Advice from past participants:

Be patient! Wait for it!

Kathy Holloway

Have faith in the process and follow the advice.

Rivka Zorea

Plan – Plan – Plan.

Jim Brisson

Keep working the program, forgive yourself if you backtrack and keep going forward.

Amy Hunt

Make sure you keep focusing on your intention, your reasons for doing the detox. That will get you through the first hard days.

Cindy Just

I am scared I won’t be able to do this. That fear holds me back from even trying.

Take a deep breath. Everyone walks in scared. Food is big.

You aren’t alone and the RESTART program is your safety net.

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