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Ahhh, breakfast.  It has always been my favorite meal of the day.  Aside from the amazing breakfast food options, breakfast really does set the stage for your day.  This isn’t rocket science, we have been told that for years.  But, some of those ideas of what constitutes a good breakfast may have been a little, er, off.  Are you someone who needs coffee at 10am and  possibly again at 2 or 3pm?  Do you have a huge need to snack at 4-5pm?  Then it may be that your breakfast needs a touch of tweaking.

Breakfast has a profound impact on how your blood sugar levels operate for the entire day.  Have you ever noticed after eating doughnuts, that you are just hungry all day long?  You just can’t get satisfied and quite possibly are a little more on the grumpy side?  Or even if you are trying to be ‘good’ and you have a bowl of Special K and skim milk, or a bowl of oatmeal with skim milk and maple syrup.  Yikes, those too are sugar crashes waiting to happen.

In order to stabilize those blood sugar levels, and therefore, your energy levels for the day, you need to include some protein and fat in your breakfast.  How much completely depends on you.  Did you still have that sugar crash/need for coffee at 10am or late in the afternoon?  Then you need more.  Here are 5 breakfast ideas to get you started and experimenting!

1.  Frittata

This is one of our standbys.  My basic recipe is 6 eggs, 3-4 slices of bacon chopped, an onion or some garlic and some greens.  Sea salt to taste and maybe some other seasoning if I am feeling inspired.  Super easy, filling and definite energy for the morning.

2. Homemade meat/sausage patties and some greens. 

Take a pound of ground meat, add some seasoning (I have been using garlic powder, sea salt and sage lately).  If you have a few extra minutes sauté some onions to add to the mix.  Form some patties and brown in a skillet.  These freeze really well and are awesome to be able to pull out for those hectic mornings.  Prepare a side of sautéed greens and maybe an avocado and you are set for a great morning!

3. Pumpkin Custard

This custard is surprisingly easy to prepare and may just fit the bill if you are craving a bit more of a sweet flavor (I actually don’t use the full 3T of honey it calls for, ssshhh, don’t tell my kids!).  Although, with the added sweetness, I know this doesn’t hold me as well as the above fritatta.  But, it is a fun treat and the kids devour it.  I top ours with a blueberry compote.  (Toss some frozen blueberries into a pan and add the juice of half a lemon and bring to a boil.  Voila, blueberry compote!)

4. Banana N’oatmeal

The best thing about this recipe is that you make it ahead and just pull it out of the fridge and go in the morning.  If you want to reheat it in the morning, it is quick to do.  Don’t underestimate the power of those chia seeds, they are surprisingly filling.

5. Egg Muffins

Another great breakfast to make ahead and then just reheat for those hectic mornings.  You need about an egg per muffin cup, then you can add veggies, ground meat or bacon, cheese, some herbs and spices.  Mix all together and then pour into muffin cups.  I do use parchment liners so that they are easier to get out.

Change up your breakfast a bit this next week and see what it does for you!


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