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Would you play football without the Quarterback?
Maybe, but how would it go? (And I’m not even a real football fan. But, let’s run with this for a minute. See what I did there? Ha!) Ok, but say you’re playing football and there is no quarterback. Where does the ball go? Which direction is everyone going? What play is going to be run? Who is going to take the lead? How do you know, for sure???
This is what it’s like when you are doing ‘all the right things’ for your body and health, EXCEPT getting your head in the game.
What are the thoughts running through your head as you sit down to eat your meal?
What are the thoughts running through your head about the symptoms or disease you are battling?
Are they positive or not so much??? 

Do you know what you are thinking?
Did you know that most of the time our subconscious brain is running the show? But what is our subconscious brain saying? Do you know?
Most of us don’t. 

Maybe we are sitting down to a beautiful meal, perfect for us, but at the same time bashing ourselves for not having lost the weight yet. Those are some serious mixed messages.

Maybe we muscle our way through a meal plan but then mindlessly eat just because we feel overwhelmed or frustrated or depressed. But, we don’t even acknowledge that feeling is there. We just buffer right on over it.

Maybe we say not so nice things to ourselves all day long (without even realizing it!) and then get to the end of the day and wonder why we really want some comfort food. Salty potato chips or a soft, chocolate chip cookie or a nice big glass of wine. 
When someone is struggling with not sleeping, poor blood sugar balance and/or not pooping, as I discussed last week, sure, I’ve got lots of dietary discussions we can have. But, if we don’t also address the thoughts going on in the mind that lead to the unsupportive habits, it’s going to look like a bunch of football players without a quarterback running in all different directions on the field.
You have to get all the players on the same side of the field and running in the same direction, towards the same goal post. And most importantly, you need the quarterback on the field. Your mind! 

Not only does this make it infinitely easier to make dietary changes, but having your mind working for you also dramatically impacts your healing journey for the better. 

What’s running through your mind when you sit down to a meal? Or through the day? 
Stay tuned, next week we’ll continue this discussion and more as I introduce the four pillars I see to rebuilding your foundation and setting the stage for a balanced, healthy you.

In health, 
Kristi ~

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