With Thanksgiving upon us, we are all in the spirit of reflecting and finding those people, things and experiences that we are grateful for.  Gratitude is well-studied to enhance your life and help you be happier and have a more positive outlook, just check out what universities such as Berkeley and Harvard have invested into the subject.  Take this holiday to start a new gratitude practice and extend it through the entire holiday season, and even into the New Year.  Think of it as a jump on those New Year’s Resolutions.

But, before you just start writing that monotonous list of things to be grateful for it turns out to really turn the tide on your happiness, it is about getting specific.  You know the list I am talking about, “I am thankful for my family, I am thankful for my health, I am thankful for this house I live in, etc, etc.”  It doesn’t take much thought or time to get some of those down on paper.  Instead, take one item that you are really grateful for and then write 5 reasons as to why.  This was beautifully shown in Marie Forleo’s video this week and comes from this book, Gratitude Works by Robert Emmons.  This activity helps you reflect and pause just a little longer on that person, experience or thing that really makes a difference in your life, and really helps you highlight just how valuable that special thing in your life is.  Go ahead, break out the tissues today and celebrate all that you have.

This Thanksgiving I too, am reflecting on what I am grateful for and what the last year has taught me.  I am very grateful for all of you, who read my newsletter, read my blog, attend my classes and have been clients of mine. I have learned so much from all of you. I am continuously inspired by the changes you all are making each day and the challenges you are overcoming. As each of us make changes it spreads to our family, our friends and our coworkers. I love how this movement of eating real food and finding one’s own health creates a beautiful, supportive community that just keeps growing and spreading. Thank you for allowing me to support you, for daring to make some changes, challenge conventional wisdom and finding your own path to healing.

I wish you all a delightfully nourishing Thanksgiving for your mind, body and soul.