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Coconut oil holds a special place in our house.  You will find it in the kitchen, and in the medicine cabinet.  A frequent statement is, “try some coconut oil on x, y, or z.”  And often, whatever the ailment, coconut oil makes a difference.

Why is coconut oil so special?  Here are a few reasons for you to love it too:

–       The least vulnerable oil to oxidation and free-radical formation and therefore, the safest to use in cooking.

–       Supports mineral absorption

–       Immune-boosting properties due to its lauric acid content

–       Helps fight viruses, bacteria, fungus, yeast and candida

–       Helps to lower cholesterol

–       Helps regulate thyroid function by stimulating the metabolism

–       Easy on the liver and gallbladder – does not require pancreatic enzymes or bile to be digested.

–       Quick energy source

–       Helpful for weight loss

How much coconut oil should you consume?  For the average person, a goal of 2-3 tablespoons a day is good.  Start with a small amount and work your way up.  Coconut oil can have a detoxifying effect and you will want to slowly build up your dosage.  Here are a few ways to get coconut oil into your diet:

  1. Add it to your tea or coffee.  I know it sounds strange, but give it a try!  Drop a spoonful into your beverage and enjoy!  It has the double benefit of moisturizing your lips as you drink.
  2. Add it to your smoothies.
  3. Make coconut bark.  I love to whip up a batch of this and keep it in the fridge for quick energy bites throughout the day.

 Cranberry-Orange Coconut Bark 

1 Cup              Coconut oil

1/3 Cup         Coconut butter

¼ Cup             Chopped dried cranberries

¼ Cup             Chopped Crispy Walnuts

1 t.                   Orange Extract

  1. Mix in cranberries, walnuts and orange extract
  2. Pour into 8x8 parchment lined glass dish.
  3. Place in fridge until sets.
  4. Pop out the coconut bark and cut into bite-size squares.
  5. Store in glass jar in fridge.


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