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Looking for some holiday treats that aren’t completely sugar-laden?  Here are some of our favorites:

1)   Gingerbread Men

What is Christmas without some gingerbread men?  This has become our traditional treat for Santa on Christmas Eve.  These are actually much more an energy bar than a cookie, but isn’t that what Santa needs on Christmas Eve?! (I first discovered these when I was pregnant and then nursing a little one. These were a fabulous snack to have on hand!)  They do take some work to actually make them, but they are well-loved in this house and now an annual must-do.

2)   Coconut Treats

We adore coconut treats and there are really a myriad of ways to make these.  The mint meltaways are based on the recipe linked above and the “Nut Treats” are just a half cup of coconut butter and a half cup of almond butter melted together, topped with some chopped pecans.  That first week I made the “Nut Treats” I think I ended up making 3 batches, they disappeared so fast.

3)   Fudge.

Ok, it is really hard to say no to fudge.  Really hard.  But, if made with some more wholesome ingredients, and only made on occasion, they are a lovely indulgence.

4)   My Best Advice for the Holidays:

Enjoy them.  Continue to eat nourishing foods whenever you can, but realize that some foods this holiday season are indulgences and view them as that.  Don’t beat yourself up over them, just enjoy them thoroughly and move on.  If you head into a situation thinking “I am not going to have x, y or z” I can almost guarantee that you will and that you will eat far more of it than you intended.  The mind is powerful, give yourself some grace this holiday season and enjoy the indulgences.

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