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As we begin another year, we all end up reflecting on the past and contemplating what might come in the year ahead.  I really enjoy reviewing the past year, saying goodbye to some parts of it, reflecting on some successes and taking all of that information to formulate a bolder, brighter new year.  In preparing for 2015, here are a few of my thoughts:

1)   Focus on You.

Who do you want to be in 2015?  How do you want to feel?  How do you want to act?  What do you want your life to look like this year?  What do you want your relationships to look like this year?  Your marriage?  Your friendships?  How do you want to parent? When we focus on ourselves and our roles in these situations, it transforms and benefits not just us, but those around us as well.

Answers to these questions help shape your year ahead and help you prioritize where you focus your time and energy.  Maybe now is the time to focus on carving out an hour for you each day or a new yoga or pilates class or time to start really finding what works for you in your diet.  Or, maybe it is a year to start that meditation practice you have been meaning to do.  Whatever your goals may be, first answer some of those bigger questions about how you want your year to look, and then your priorities will fall into place.

2)   Go Big.

Yes, this may take you out of your comfort zone it certainly does for me.  But, the thrill that comes with it when things do fall into place is worth every scary moment before then.

Several years ago I put it out into the universe that I wanted a particular job at a particular prestigious institution.  The job was not open and I had zero connections. I had no idea how this would come to fruition.  But, this wasn’t just a job I wanted.  It was a job I needed.  I needed this job to prove to myself that I could do it.  Several months pass and a job similar to the one I wanted opened up.  I applied.  I was really excited about it, it was different than my original plan, but plans don’t always fall exactly into place, right?  I interviewed and then was asked to do a ‘project’ to help decide between the final candidates.  But, I didn’t get the job.  I was completely disappointed, but it wasn’t really the job I wanted.  Would you believe that about 6 weeks later I received a call with the exact job offer I had originally been hoping for?  No interview necessary.  I was stunned.

3)   Live with Intention.

What is Intention?  It can be defined as “a strong purpose or aim, accompanied by a determination to produce a desired result.  People driven by intention are described as having a strong will that won’t permit anything to interfere with achieving their inner desire.”  –Dr. Wayne Dyer

I believe when you set an intention, it is stronger than a goal.  An intention has an emotional component that ties into your core and it doesn’t just drive you, it pulls you.

Think through some past successes in your life, how did they come together for you?  Think about some of the big successes, was there a stronger pull for you that drove you to keep striving for that goal?  What were the pieces that came together to help you succeed?  How can you use those past successes to formulate your intentions for 2015?  What will be some of your big goals, your big intentions for 2015?

Take some time in the days ahead to set your intentions for 2015 and watch how they unfold in the year to come.  It can be a powerful experience that I wish for all of you in 2015!

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