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This blog has been temporarily interrupted for a Love Explosion! But, wait, you say, “Kristi, are you writing this?” Yes, I know, I am not the most prolific when it comes to expressing my love. In fact, last year when I tried to do this challenge, I, uh, chickened out part-way through. And that was for my husband!

So, this year, THIS YEAR, I am committing to it. Why? Because life is constantly reminding us that it is short and who couldn’t use a little more love in the time we have? This will push me to no end, but I trust Debra Joy and know she won’t lead me astray. She is incredibly intuitive, thorough, brilliant and so right on the money.

Here is how it works:

You pick just one person and Debra explains beautifully why here. This could be your spouse, partner, friend, anyone you want to show more love to.  Then, starting June 1st and every day for the rest of June, you tell your lucky one why you love them in some special way each day. But here is the kicker: no repeats. So, you have to get creative and think outside the box, or dig deep to past experiences and remember all the good stuff. (You know how we can often bring up the bad stuff over and over and over again? Yea, this is the complete antithesis of that. How cool, right?)

This year, I call do-over on last year. My fabulous husband is going to get my love bombs. And I am really going to commit to it for the full 30 days. Honestly, I don’t even know what to expect, I hope that it brings us closer and takes our relationship up a notch. However, I suspect it will be more profound than that.  My friend Margaret shares her experience from last year and who she has chosen for this year in her post here. She was so honest and real it made me laugh out loud!

Read more about the 30-Day Love Explosion on Debra’s site here and sign up to receive beautiful email reminders from her. Then, let me know if you are going to join me and who your chosen lucky one is!

What do you think?!  Are you in??



Spread the love