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How do you set yourself up for success? Set a goal and hope for success? Wait for the right time to get started? Visualize over and over again what you don’t want?


No, of course not. I’ve certainly learned this the hard way. But, by making those mistakes, I’ve also learned what works. There are certain habits that I have come to rely on to help me have better success with my health, my life and just everything. Here are my 5 steps to reach your health goals in 2018:


  • Make a plan.

This for me is key. I may throw tantrums (who, me?!), resist it and just NOT WANT TO. But, damn it anyway. Making a plan works every time. If I make a plan, I follow it, and then I actually get the results I’m looking for.


Get out a piece of paper, a notebook or your computer and just download what you need to do to get to where you want to go. Then, put it in order of what needs to happen when. Then, here’s the clincher, SCHEDULE IT. 


Intending to eat clean in 2018? My sure-fire strategy to ensure we have clean, wholesome meals on the table day in and day out is to plan them. I may not love meal planning, but this is what makes those clean eating goals a reality. When I’m on it, I grab a few cookbooks, a pen and paper and schedule out the meals. When I just need to take something off my plate but I still want my meals planned out I use Real Plans. This meal planning service is very customizable (plans for Whole30, gluten-free, AIP, paleo, vegetarian) and you can even eliminate specific ingredients you are trying to avoid. They have a special right now, where if you sign up by January 15, you’ll get a 20 extra budget-friendly meals added to your plan. Have questions about it? Email me. 


  • Track It.

Tracking food, tracking time, tracking steps, you name it, there is a reason people say this helps. When you start to see what you are actually doing it helps you do MORE of that thing you want to be doing.


This can be some paper and a pen, your notebook on your phone or a fun App you can download to track your food, your time, how much you exercise, etc. Whatever it is, figure out one system you will actually use and then commit to using it for one week to get started. You see, I know the resistance for this one. (You are not alone! But, it isn’t an excuse you get to use!) Commit to one week once you get started, you’ll keep going.


  • Accountability.

Are you someone who will be super-reliable if someone ELSE asks you to do something? But, if you have something you need to do for YOU…well, that’s a different story. 


I’m an obliger. (Have you read Gretchen Rubin’s book about The Four Tendencies?) Turns out, many of us are. We easily do things for other people and are incredibly dependable. But, when we ask ourselves to do something…. Well, we can be kinda lousy at keeping our own word. This isn’t a bad thing! Once we realize this, then we know how we can set ourselves up for success.


Join a class, a group, ask a friend, just find a way that you will actually do what you say you want to do for yourself.


Are you looking to up-level your own self-care in 2018? Hoping for more energy, less stress, better habits maybe even just nicer thoughts towards YOU? I’m offering some free sessions in January (no sales pitch) where you can ask me anything you like about one specific health goal you have for 2018 and we’ll talk through how to make it happen. Sound good? Sign up here.  


  • Reflection.

I love to do this at the end of each month and the end of each year. I look back and see what I actually accomplished, what worked, what didn’t and then make a new plan for the coming month or year. It is so satisfying to be able to cross off goals. It’s the little things. This past year I started using Powersheets for this and was surprised at just how much of an impact they had on me.


What this looks like in my world is one weekend morning a month, I get up, feed the dog and kids, make a mug of tea and then head right back to bed with a pen and my Powersheets book. I spend time reviewing what I’ve done and write down my new goals for the coming month or year. It feels incredibly indulgent and I totally love it.


  • Gratitude.

You know that saying, “What you focus on, grows”? For the longest time I used that as a way to beat myself up over focusing on the wrong things. Anyone else get stuck in that thought loop?? The truth is when you pivot just a little bit and start looking for the good and showing gratitude for what is happy and positive in your life, you really do see more of that each and every day.


I keep this practice really simple, that way I DO IT. Just three things I’m grateful for at the end of each day in a beautiful journal my husband bought me. Three feels like too many still? Start with one. Consistency is key, not volume.


Now, you tell me, what are the strategies you use to create success for yourself? 


Wishing you all the best as we kick off 2018! Let’s do this!

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